How to merge cells in word?

And so, to begin with, I suggest you understand in more detail what a table is in MS Word. I do not recommend skipping this paragraph, as it discusses some concepts, knowledge of which is important in the future for a good understanding of the material.

For example, consider the simplest table, not large, the simplest option.

Table No. 1

The first thing we have to work with is columnsrows and  cells.

How to combine and split tables and cells in Word

What is a row or a column is shown in the figure.

A table cell is any element at the intersection of a row and a column. Both tables are 3 × 5 in size, i.e. 3 columns and 5 rows. Note that this is a simple table, a complex one always has merged cells and formatting applied.

Let’s go directly to creating a table. For example, we need to create a table to fill it with content, and so that in the end it looks like this:

The first thing to look at is that there are large and small cells in the table.

At the very top, we have the “Days of the week” cell, note that this cell takes up the entire row. In the lowest row, there is also a cell that is larger than the rest. Please note that some of the cells are highlighted.

To create such a table, we first need to know how many columns and rows it has. 

Launch MS Word editor and start working with tables.

To create a tableselect the “Insert” tab, click on the “Table” icon and move the cursor over the cubes to select the desired table size, in our case it is 7 by 7, if a different size is needed and there are not enough cubes, then we select not cubes, but under them item “insert table” and enter the values ​​of the number of rows and cells in the window that appears, and then click “ok”

B.ed documents fall 2014: Working with Tables in MS Word

The next step is to merge cells, one of which is at the top of the “Days of the week”, and the other is at the bottom on the right side of the table (empty)

Merging cells

To merge the table cells, you need to select them ( put the cursor in the uppermost left cell and click there with the left mouse button and drag the cursor to the side, the cells will start to be highlighted, then just release) then right-click on the selected cells and select the item “Combine cells”. Do the same with the bottom row, just note that there you need to select not all cells, but some of them and also merge them. Thus, in MS Word, the selected cells are combined.

How to Merge and Split Tables and Cells in Microsoft Word

Now fill each cell with text as shown in the “Notes for the month of January” figure.

In order to highlight the cells with color (this is our weekend), select them (just like before merging) and right-click on the selection, selecting the item “Borders and Fill”

That’s all, the rest of the elements we went through earlier. Changing the color of the text, making it bold or more font was all discussed in the lessons earlier. (Watch the lessons) I advise you to pay attention to a separate generalized topic “Font, size and font size”.

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