How to merge videos in vlc

VLC will be very useful when you want to cut, join and add effects of all kinds to your video. That is why more and more people use this tool to make great creations.

VLC is free and open source. You will also see that it plays all kinds of video formats without the need to use other programs. It has several versions and updates that will improve the quality of your videos when you edit them.

Steps to merge video

  1. First enter the program and in the upper menu bar select in ” Multimedia ” the option to ” open multiple files “.
  2. A window will open where you must choose ” Add “. You are going to select the videos you want to join in the order you want.
  3. At the bottom right you will see the ” Play ” buttonA small menu will be displayed select ” Convert “.
  4. You just have to put the location to save the video and the format you want the video to have. Verify that you have not saved it as an audio and select ” start “.

Ready, you will have all the clips attached and you can play it. As you can see it is a simple procedure that will not represent great difficulty.

Some of the most useful features of VLC are:

  • You can rip DVDs and watch them without problem.
  • It has the tool to “record” while the videos are playing. Very useful so that you can see them later whenever you want.
  • You can open compressed files. For example, in RAR format.
  • We have the ability to listen to stations from the program.
  • Converting videos to various formats is another interesting feature. You can have your video in different resolution or also save it as mp3 among others.
  • You will be able to see and play videos from YouTube. Well, simply by copying the address of the video you will be able to enjoy it from VLC.
  • You can cast the content to your Chromecast!

That is why I am going to explain a very basic function that these types of programs usually have: join several videos so that they are all together in a single clipRemember that they must all have the same format. If you do not have to change them or convert them previously to just one so that the following explanation works for you.

Likewise, this conversion can be done from the same programYou just have to go to ” Menu ” and in ” Medium ” you click “convert ” select the format and it will be ready for you to join or to save it on a CD or USB.

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