How to partition C drive in Windows 10 without formatting

Partitioning C drive is very easy with a full Windows installation. Everything is done there in a few clicks, but this method is not without nuances. Firstly, reinstalling the OS itself is unnecessary trouble, and secondly, the data on the media will be deleted. But, fortunately, such drastic measures are not necessary.

Before partitioning the hard drive, back up valuable data stored on it. The process of partitioning the partitions itself usually takes place without damaging the information, but in case something goes wrong, it will obviously not be superfluous to have a backup.

How to partition a C drive using standard Windows tools

The instructions for partitioning the hard drive using standard tools are illustrated with screenshots from Windows 7, but in Windows 10 the process is not fundamentally different.

Open “Control Panel” and find the item “Administrative Tools” there. If the view of icons is enabled – you will immediately find it, if the settings are grouped by categories – use the search bar.

 Administrative Tools in Windows 10 (Windows 10) - Windows Client Management  | Microsoft Docs

In the “Administrative Tools” menu, open the “Computer Management” item. In the window that opens, find (below) the “Disk Management” tab. Select the drive you want to split from the list.

How to Open Disk Management in Windows

Right click on it, select “Shrink Volume”. It can take several minutes to analyze the space available for the department.

Partition Hard Disk Using Disk Management

After analyzing the space that is available for separation (on a defragmented disk, this is usually all unallocated memory), the system will display a window with settings for the space to be separated. Specify how many megabytes you want to split and click the Compress button.

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After the end of the compression process, the system will notify the completion of the process. This can take a long time, especially if the data on the disk is fragmented.

After shrinking the volume, you will see unallocated disk space marked in black. Right-click on it and select “Create Simple Volume”. Specify its size, drive letter, formatting options and complete the procedure.

How to Partition Hard Disk before Installing Windows 10

Another section will appear in the system, with the assigned letter. Then it can be used to store information.

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