how to read whatsapp backup from google drive on pc?

Answer 1:

It is very easy to download WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to your PC or laptop. You just need to open Google Drive in your browser and find the whatsapp backup, then click download. Make sure you log in to Google Drive with the same ID you used to log in to Google Drive from your mobile device. Once the download is complete, depending on your internet speed, you will have a backup copy of whatsapp from Google Drive to PC.

Answer 2:

For me, the process of installing Whatsapp on the PC is very simple. I installed Nox player Emulator on the PC, installed Whatsapp, and then downloaded the backup from Google Drive. After restoring, I disabled the Internet connection in Nox player. 

Therefore, I can now access the backed up messages at any time.

Answer 3:

Google Drive is great. But there is another way to do it, and it’s easier. Dr.Fone-Backup and Restore can help you easily back up whatsapp chat history to your PC.

The most advanced Android phone manager ever! (The world’s first Android data recovery)

Answer 4:

The WhatsApp backup on Google Drive is hidden. In other words, WhatsApp can access it, but users cannot access it. This is an unusual situation because users receive backup services but cannot download backups or their files in batches.

Please note that Google provides services to Whatsapp, not to users. Since files do not count towards your storage allocation in Google Drive, Google will not get a refund for this storage space from users. Perhaps it is being reimbursed for storage services in some way.

Answer 5:

Do you want to restore it or just back it up to local storage?

If you need the current backup file, you can copy it directly from the mobile memory.

If you want the older files or files to be in the drive and your device is in the list, it’s just the desired message, then in this case you have to follow the longer steps (you need to install any Simulator).

When I explored the backup file after reading your question, I found that the file is actually a “backup” file in Google Drive. Lack of download options; it is designed in such a way that only mobile apps can read content from inside and provide us with restored messages inside the app.

Answer 6:

One of the most useful features found on WhatsApp is the ability to backup all chats. Pre-made backup automation every 24 hours can help users avoid losing chat history and retain media attachments exchanged between contacts.

If you want to download the latest WhatsApp backup, you just need to log in to your Google account and access Google Drive, which should already contain the WhatsApp backup folder. In this folder, you can find backup files that can be downloaded and used to restore WhatsApp data.

Note: Use the same Google account used on your phone to access the Play Store. Hope the above article is informative. To get more tutorials like this please visit us on our official web page.

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