How to remove bookmarks in Chrome

Bookmarks are a very necessary and useful tool in the arsenal of every browser, including Google Chrome. Thanks to this function, the user does not need to constantly enter the addresses of sites and pages in the address bar in order to go to them. You just need to click on a special tab, and the desired page will immediately open in the browser window.

Nobody disputes that bookmarks are necessary. That is, cases when a site was added to bookmarks by accident and must be deleted. Or another situation: a huge number of bookmarks have accumulated, and most of them are no longer used at all and only take up space, creating a mess. In this case, they can, or even need to be removed. We’re going to tell and show you how to do this.

Delete bookmarks in Chrome browser

1. We open the menu. How to do this, see the screenshot below.

2. Then we hover the cursor over “ Bookmarks ” and select “ Bookmarks Manager” in the list that opens.

3. This is where the browser stores all saved sites and pages. To remove one of them, click on the icon with three vertical dots.

4. A list has opened where you need to click on the ” Delete ” item. After that, the bookmark will be deleted.

To carry out bulk deletion, hold down the Ctrl button and start selecting the bookmarks for deletion with the mouse cursor. Then a line will appear at the top, where there will be a ” Delete ” button, click on it and everything selected is cleared.The whole process only took a few seconds of your time.

How to delete bookmarks in Chrome on Android?

Launch Google Chrome on your phone or app. On the right side of the window, click on the three dots icon, a menu will appear. In it select “Bookmarks”.

A list of bookmarks that you have saved on your device will open. Tap on a bookmark and hold until a menu appears. In the menu click “Delete bookmark” and it will be deleted.

You can delete one bookmark at a time.

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