How to remove markup area in word

In this Word tutorial we explain how to remove markups in a Word document, using different methods. We can accept them, hide them, or directly, remove them.

Launch Word and open a document that has markups. If you don’t have any, you can add them yourself, as follows.

Select a piece of text, click the Review tab , and touch the New Comment iconYou can add an explanation of what needs to be checked (misspellings, mistake, a different opinion, etc.).

Now let’s imagine we have a document with several reviews from other users. We can do various things with them. The most logical thing is to review them and accept or reject each review, individually.

With the document open, click on the Review tab and activate the Change Control iconNext to it, in Show reviews, we make sure that everything is checked. Right above it should appear the Track Change optionIf it is not, we select it:

Now we select a revision of the document, clicking on it:

By clicking on the Accept or Reject icons on the toolbar (always within the Review tab ), we validate that particular review. If we accept it and it included a change (for example change the text to bold), that change will be applied automatically.

We also have the option of Accepting all changes or Rejecting all changes at the same time, by clicking on the arrow under the Accept or Reject icons.

If we want to hide the markups, we have to go to the pop-up menu to the right of the Control Changes icon, and select the option No Markups. You can also use Original, to get the original document before being reviewed:

The above options hide the revisions, but do not remove them. To permanently delete them we have to click on a revision, touch the arrow below the Delete icon, and select Delete all comments from the document:

We have learned how to remove markups in a Word document.
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