How to remove table in word

You have created a table, but then you decided that you don’t need it. You might want to delete all of it or remove the table format but keep the text. Whatever the case, you can easily do it in Microsoft Word.

Clear table

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Step 1

Open the document that has the table you would like to remove. Do it in MS Word, pressing the “Office” button, “Open”.

एम एस वर्ड 2007 के ऑफिस बटन (What is office button 2007 in MS Word in  Hindi) और एम एस वर्ड 2010 के फाइल मेनू क्या है(what is file menu in MS Word  2010)

Step 2

Hover your cursor over the table until the move lever appears. This looks like a cross made with two double arrows.

How to clear the table in Word 2007 2010 2013 - Delete table

Step 3

Click the jog lever to select the entire table.

Step 4

Delete the table. Click on “Design” under the “Table Tools” group of tabs. Press “Delete” and then “Table”.

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Clear the table but keep the text

Step 1

Select the table in your Word document that you would like to convert to text. You can select the document by following Steps 2 and 3 above.

Step 2

Click on the “Design” table in the “Table Tools” group of tabs. Click “Convert to Text” under the “Data” section.

Convert text to a table or a table to text - Office Support

Step 3

Select the separator character option you want under the “Separate text with” section of the “Convert to text” dialog box. This is what will be placed between each column and row of text. For example, if you choose “Tab”, the text will be formatted if you type and press the “Tab” key between each group of text.

Step 4

Click “OK”. The table will be removed but you will have the text.

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