How to remove Watermarks From Word

The word documents we download from the Internet often have watermark effects, so how to remove the watermark effect? Now share the operation process and screenshots for your reference.


1. First, double-click the word shortcut on the desktop to start and run the application.

2. Execute the file-open command, find the location where the file is stored, and open the document that was prepared to remove the watermark in advance.

3. Click the page layout menu in the menu, switch to this menu option, and find the watermark in the page background.

4. Click the watermark menu and select the delete watermark option from the drop-down menu to view the effect changes.

5. Browse other pages and you will find that the watermarks on all pages have been deleted.

6. If you want to add a watermark to your own document, the method is similar, just find a suitable watermark to add.

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