How to report a youtube channel?

Google employees are physically unable to keep track of all the content posted by users. Because of this, sometimes you may come across videos that violate the rules of the service or the laws of your country. In such cases, it is recommended to send a complaint to the channel so that the administration is notified of non-compliance with the rules and applies the appropriate restrictions for the user. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at several ways to send different complaints about YouTube channel owners.

Submitting a complaint to the YouTube channel from your computer

Various violations require the completion of special forms, which will later be reviewed by Google employees. It is important to fill out everything correctly and not to submit complaints without proof, and also not to abuse this function, otherwise your channel may already be banned by the administration.

Method 1: Reporting a User

If you find a user channel that violates the rules established by the service, then a complaint about it is made as follows:

Go to the author’s channel. Enter its name in the search and find it among the displayed results.

You can also go to the main page of the channel by clicking on the nickname below the user’s video.

Go to the About Channel tab.

Here click on the checkbox icon.

Indicate what violation was on the part of this user.

If you selected “Report user”, then you should indicate a specific reason or enter your own option.

Using this method, requests are made to YouTube employees if the account author impersonates another person, uses various types of insults, and also violates the rules for the design of the home page and the channel icon.

Method 2: Complaint about channel content

It is prohibited to post sexually explicit videos, violent and repulsive scenes, videos that promote terrorism or call for illegal actions on YouTube. When you find such violations, it is best to file a complaint about the videos of this author. This can be done as follows:

Start a recording that breaks any rules.

To the right of the name, click on the three-dot icon and select Complain.

Enter the reason for the complaint here and send it to the administration.

The staff will take action against the author if violations are found during the audit. In addition, if a lot of people send complaints about the content, the user’s account is automatically blocked.

Method 3: Complaint about non-compliance and other violations

In the case when the first two methods did not suit you for certain reasons, we recommend that you contact the video hosting administration directly through the registration of a review. If there is a violation of the law on the channel by the author, then here it is definitely worth using this method right away:

Click on your channel avatar and select “Send Feedback”.

Describe your problem here or go to the appropriate page to fill out the law violation form.

Do not forget to set up the screenshot correctly and attach it to the review so that they justify their message.

The application is considered within two weeks, and if necessary, the administration will contact you via Email.

Submitting a complaint to a channel via the YouTube mobile app

The YouTube mobile app does not have all the features that are available on the full site. However, it is still possible to file a complaint about the content of the user or the creator of the channel from here. This is done in a few simple ways.

Method 1: Complaint about channel content

When you find undesirable or violating the rules of the service video in a mobile application, then you should not immediately run to look for them in the full version of the site and perform further actions there. Everything is done directly through the app from your smartphone or tablet:

Play a video that violates the rules.

In the upper right corner of the player, click on the icon in the form of three vertical dots and select “Complain”.

In the new window, mark the reason with a dot and click on “Report”.

Method 2: Other complaints

In the mobile application, users can also send feedback and report a problem to the resource administration. This form is also used for notifications of various kinds of violations. To write a review you need:

Click on your profile picture and select “Help / Feedback” from the pop-up menu.

In the new window, go to “Send Feedback”.

Here, in the appropriate line, briefly describe your problem and attach screenshots.

To send a message about a violation of rights, you must go to filling out another form in this window with a response and follow the instructions described on the site.

Today we took a closer look at several ways to send complaints about violation of the YouTube video hosting rules. Each of them is suitable in different situations, and if you filled out everything correctly, you have the appropriate evidence, then, most likely, measures will be taken against the user in the near future by the administration of the service.

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