How to rotate screen in Windows 7

The function of flipping the laptop screen can be useful for those who work with graphics, text recognition, etc. In addition, this article can be useful for parents of small children or owners of animals, since by default the screen is easily flipped with a keyboard shortcut.

If the computer screen unexpectedly flips, there is no need to panic – your child did not break the laptop at all, the cat is also not to blame for anything. The fact is that screen flip is a special and very useful function that is necessary for many people in creative professionals who work on a laptop, as well as, for example, accountants and stock brokers. So how do you rotate your laptop screen (or flip it back)?

Method 1

To flip the screen, by default, press CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow (rotate 180 degrees) or CTRL + ALT +  Up Arrow (Flip to its original position) at the same time If you press, respectively, CTRL + ALT +  right and left arrows , the screen will rotate 90 degrees.

Method 2

This method is suitable for computers running Windows 8 and 10. In order to rotate the screen, left-click on its space and find the line “Display Settings” in the pop-up menu. You can also access this section through Control Panel> Display. Next, you need to select the line “Orientation”, select the appropriate option and click “OK” and “Apply”.

Method 3

The next way to flip the screen is suitable for a PC running Windows 7. Every motherboard has its own software shell that controls its graphics functions. On my laptop, for example, it’s Intel. To find this program, go to the “Control Panel” and click on the appropriate shortcut. Then, in the basic settings, select the basic display settings and in the “Scaling” item select the desired proportions.

How to enable keyboard shortcut to flip the screen

Sometimes the keyboard flip keyboard shortcut is disabled by default. This is done precisely to avoid accidental clicks, so as not to irritate people who do not need to flip the screen at all, and to reduce the incidence of domestic injuries.

If you need to enable the fast flip function, you need to go to the graphics control panel of the Intel motherboard, select “Options and Support”, and then – “Shortcut Options”. After that, you should assign the desired keyboard shortcuts and raise the checkbox to enable the functions of the shortcut keys.

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