How to rotate screen in windows 8 ?

Many users say that the desktop screen is rotated 90 degrees after the win 8 screen is turned on, which looks very strange and inconvenient for daily operations. What is going on? In fact, this is just a simple fault setting problem in the display of win8 system. Next, the editor of System City will explain to you the solution to rotate the screen of win8 screen by 90 degrees.

1. When our win8 screen is rotated, we right-click on a blank position on the desktop;

2. After right-clicking on the desktop of the windows system computer, we click the last “personalize” in the right-click option;

3. Then enter the personalized management panel of the computer, we find it here and click on “Display”;

4. Then after entering the display settings panel, we find “change display settings” on the left side options below and click to open;

5. After clicking Open to change the monitor settings, it will pop up and enter the computer screen resolution window;

6. Find the “Orientation” option at the bottom of the screen resolution window, and click the box behind it, then click “Landscape”, and finally click OK to close the screen resolution window.

The above content is the solution for the win 8 screen to rotate 90 degrees. After a simple setting, the desktop screen returns to normal.

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