How to stop uTorrent from opening on startup

Irritating. I turn on the computer and the annoying µTorrent window pops up in the center of the screen. At the same time, the autostart of the program is disabled in the settings. The torrent client has long been removed from the startup list. What’s the matter? Finally I got tired of it and I went to the Internet to find a solution to the problem.

It turned out to be the work of developers from Microsoft and µTorrent. In Windows 10 (Build 1709), a new feature was included – the automatic launch of those programs that were running when the computer was turned off. On the one hand, it is convenient. All programs that you worked with before shutting down or restarting your computer will be loaded automatically. On the other hand, this is not always necessary. And there is also a startup list where you can drop the applications you need.

In cases where you have to take a break and restart your computer, after restarting, you can quickly resume work from the place where you left off – this is how Microsoft employees commented on the feature that appeared.

Now we’ll figure out how to rein in the rebellious µTorrent, and then we’ll deal with Windows 10.


Go to the settings of the torrent client, where in the General menu, disable two items: Run µTorrent with Windows and Run minimized.

But this is not enough. We go to the Interface menu and there we activate the item The “Minimize” button hides the tray. This means that when you click on the cross in the upper right corner of the program, it will close.
By default (“thanks” to the developers) the item “Close” button hides the tray… Those. when you close µTorrent, it simply minimizes to the system tray and continues in the background. Of course, the next time the operating system is loaded, µTorrent will open in an expanded form, blocking your work screen (which is actually annoying, since you have to close the program window).

If you need µTorrent running at all times, simply activate the Run minimized item in the General menu.

This method is also suitable for other applications that do not close, but are minimized to the tray, while remaining working. Those. your task is to close, not hide the application.

There is a more radical way to solve this problem on the Internet: uninstall µTorrent and install an alternative (for example, qBittorrent).

Windows 10 

There are several ways to get around this new feature. Some suggest creating a shortcut with the shutdown command and the / r and / s switches. Others – turn off the system while holding down the Shift key.

Microsoft itself is still allowing this feature to be turned off. In version 1790, you need to go to the Login Parameter settings, where deactivate the item “Use my login information to automatically complete device setup and open my applications after a restart or update. ” In earlier versions of Windows 10, you must deactivate the Use my sign-in information to automatically complete device setup after upgrade.

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