How to stop whatsapp backup?

WhatsApp recently officially received the ability to backup and store files on a google drive. This function is needed in order to store correspondence data and media files. There is no setting for this function in the settings of the application itself, so let’s talk about how to turn off whatsapp backup on android.

How to delete a WhatsApp backup

It is recommended to delete data to prevent unauthorized access to the data of correspondence. If that information is stored on the phone, it can be copied, and although news has appeared since 2016 that the data of the correspondence is encrypted in WhatsApp, if someone else looked at it, it will not be difficult for him to decrypt it. There are several ways to remove the dialog archiving feature.

On android

For the first case, we need to go to Android explorer and find a folder called WhatsApp.

In this folder, select Backups, hold down the folder name and wait for the context menu to appear.

In the list that appears, select the “delete” function – the archive is deleted and the data is no longer backed up.

On iPhone

For iOS users, backups are stored on iCloud. Therefore, they are removed from this cloud storage. To do this on an iPhone:

open the Settings section;

find the iCloud folder;

open the “Storage” folder;

find WhatsApp there and click “delete everything”.

After that, we restart the phone and check the application settings.

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