How to write italic, bold, and strikethrough words in WhatsApp

Little by little WhatsApp he made changes in your application, some of the more annoying than others, because it is, in part, similar to the application in messaging in another application style Snapchat, and really, if I want to be like things like Snapchat, we just store.

In addition to these changes as controversial, and they cause a lot of controversy among the user community, have to change anything, but not so often used, they just have, we know they can be useful any more than a distant time.

These changes have led, by adding certain characters in a message written for you, that letter type or style of the message in question change. In these changes, we can use to send text messages in bold, in italics, and text strikethrough and with another type or source of the letter. we are going to see each of these options:

WhatsApp send with bold text message

If I want to show in bold to highlight any word or phrase, we just want to, what is in front of and behind you want to highlight, a asterisk ( * ).

Send text messages in italics in WhatsApp

All text or part of it to send a message that appears in italics, we have to link it with an underscore ( _ ).

WhatsApp send with strikethrough text message

Style strikethrough and text or words that you put in the middle stripe, giving strikeout of feeling. In this way, we have to add to send mail, two in the back before the desired word or text, following the tilde or a tilde ( ~ ).

Sent, by WhatsApp, text in different fonts

Aside from sources typically use WhatsApp, we can use lyrics source or another type of default. To do this, we must link the text or a message with three serious accents, front and back. Grave accent is similar normal accent, but in reverse ( ` ).

These four methods we can give a little life to us to maintain a dialogue, to emphasize that you want the word or phrase that allows anyone to read it can understand a little better that we want to express. Hope the above article is informative. To get more tutorials like this please visit us on our official web page.

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