How to change controls in pubg emulator

Detailed explanation of the buttons of the thunder and lightning simulator eating chicken game (Peace Elite as an example)

The simulator comes with four sets of default buttons (as shown below):

Ctrl : Hide the mouse. After hiding the mouse, you can directly use the mouse to control the direction, and the left mouse button will fire.

Left mouse button : fire.

Right mouse button : open the mirror.

WASD: Walk. (Press w to run quickly)

F key: parachute, open door, get on and off, rescue, pick up things.

Mouse wheel up and down: switch gun. (Numbers 1 and 2 can also be switched to grab)

R key: Change bullets.

M: Map.

Tab: Backpack.

Q and E keys: sideways.

~ Key: add package.

G key: Pick up the first item.

H key: Pick up the second item.

J key: key the third item.

Alt key: small eyes, hold down Alt to see the field of view.

C key: squat down.

Z key: Get down.

Space: Jump.

Shift key: run automatically.

Middle mouse button: Speed ​​up when driving.

Arrow key ↑: Float up.

Arrow key ↓: sink.

B button: switch between automatic shooting and single shot mode.

Number 5: fight drugs.

Number 4: Throw thunder.

Number 3: Change the pistol.

Y key: switch voice.

V key: switch first person

2K ultra-clear breakdown:

2K ultra-clear and 2K right-click to open the mirror, but the button of the mirror is different from that of hiding the mouse, the others are the same.

Right mouse button: hide the mouse

ctrl: Open the mirror.

Default and the right to open mirror Comments

The default and 2K ultra-clear buttons are the same

The buttons for right-clicking and 2K right-clicking are the same

I will not repeat it here.

720p resolution with: the default and the right to open mirror

1080p, 2K resolution with: 2K ultra-clear and 2K open mirror right

Note: All the above buttons can be modified at will, and you can modify it to your own button settings according to your own habits

It is recommended to modify on the basis of the default button, do not move the position of the button, and do not delete the button.

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