How to change wifi password in mobile

If only the WiFi password is changed, but the WiFi name is not changed, relevant settings must be made on the phone at this time, otherwise the phone will not be able to connect to the WiFi signal.

If both the Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi password are modified, no other settings are required on the phone at this time, and the phone can directly search and connect to the new Wi-Fi signal to access the Internet.

If you only modify the Wi-Fi password, but not the Wi-Fi name, you need to delete the Wi-Fi record saved in the phone (that is, the relationship between the saved Wi-Fi name and the password). After deleting, when the phone connects to the original Wi-Fi signal, it will prompt to enter the Wi-Fi password; at this time, enter the modified Wi-Fi password, and you can successfully connect to the Wi-Fi signal.


(1) Android phones and Apple iPhone phones have different operations when deleting Wi-Fi records, which will be introduced separately below.

(2) For Android phones of different brands, when deleting the Wi-Fi records saved in the phone, the specific operations will be different; however, the operations are the same. The following article uses a Huawei phone to demonstrate.

1. Delete Wi-Fi records on Android phones

1. Please open the WLAN interface in the phone first

2. In the WLAN interface, find the Wi-Fi signal on your router. Ease ware ——>then touch the Wi-Fi signal, and in the pop-up dialog box, select: cancel save network (or: do not save network).

After changing the Wi-Fi password, how to set up an Android phone

After completing the appeal operation, the mobile phone deletes the password of the Wi-Fi signal; at this time, when you click connect, you will be prompted to enter the Wi-Fi password. At this time, enter the modified Wi-Fi password, and you can successfully connect to the Wi-Fi signal.

2. Delete Wi-Fi records from iPhone

(1) In the “Wireless LAN” (Wi-Fi) setting menu, find the wireless Wi-Fi signal that needs to be deleted (Wi-Fi Name ——> then click the blue exclamation mark behind Wi-Fi Name, as shown in the figure below

After changing the Wi-Fi password, Apple mobile phone setting method 1
(2) In the jump interface, click: Ignore this network

After changing the Wi-Fi password, Apple mobile phone setting method 2


After clicking “Ignore this network”, the Wi-Fi password will be deleted from the iPhone. Then in the “Wireless LAN” option, click the Wi-Fi signal to connect, enter the modified Wi-Fi password, and you can connect.


Some users made mistakes when changing the Wi-Fi password. As a result, they changed the broadband password in the “Internet settings” of the router, but they thought they were changing the Wi-Fi password. As a result, after the modification, mobile phones, computers, etc. cannot access the Internet after connecting to the router.

Therefore, when you modify the Wi-Fi password, you must be careful and careful, and you must modify it under the “wireless settings” option.

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