How to create watermark in word

 If you are distributing a project on the Internet, or are working on a confidential document that only certain people can read, you should add a watermark.

The watermarks are words or semitransparent images that are placed on a text or image. It is usually a Do Not CopyDo Not Distribute, or Confidential notice, but you can also use your name, your company logo, etc.

The watermarks are not a protection of the document itself, since you can copy or print without problems, but let you know who is the creator of the document and prevent it from being used in certain environments, to the being a text  marked.

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In this Word tutorial we explain how to add a watermark to text in Word.

The first thing to do is, of course, start Word and open a document that contains text. To insert a watermark, click on the Design tab and click on the Watermark icon on the right side.

A window will open in which we can select a predefined watermark, diagonally or horizontally:

We choose one, and it will be placed on every page of the document. It is semi-transparent so that we can read the text comfortably, but at the same time it will be seen if someone photocopies or prints the document:

If we only want it on a specific page, before inserting the mark, we must right-click on it to open a menu, and in Properties we can choose if we want it to be placed only on the current page, or on the entire document.

We can also customize a watermark . We go to the Format tab and click on Watermark again . Now we click on Custom Watermarks . In the window that opens we choose Text Watermark , and here we can write the text, choose the font, the size, if we want it semi-transparent, or if it goes horizontally or diagonally:

You may be interested in using an image, instead of text, as a watermark. For example, your company logo. We go back to Watermark , click on Custom Watermarks , and in the window that opens we choose Image Watermark . By clicking on Select image  we can choose a file, or a search in Bing. When selecting the image, it will appear as a watermark in the text:

We have learned how to watermark text in Word.

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