How to deselect in photoshop

As you gradually learn Photoshop, the user has many difficulties associated with using certain functions of the editor. In this article, we will talk about how to remove selection in Photoshop.

Cancel selection

It would seem, what can be difficult in the usual deselection? Perhaps for some, this step will seem very easy, but inexperienced users may have a barrier here too. The thing is that when working with this editor, there are many subtleties that a novice user has no idea about. To avoid this kind of incidents, as well as for a faster and more efficient study of Photoshop, we will analyze all the nuances that arise when removing a selection.

Deselection Options

There are many options for how to deselect in Photoshop. Below we present the most common ones, those used by users of the Photoshop editor.

  • The easiest and very quickest way to deselect a selection is with a keyboard shortcut. You need to press CTRL + D at the same time.
  • You can achieve the same result by clicking anywhere in the workspace.

  • It is worth remembering here that if you used the Quick Selection tool, then you need to click inside the selectionIn addition, this can only be done if the “New Selection” function is enabled.
  • Another deselection method is very similar to the previous one. Here you also need a mouse, but you need to click on the right button. After that, in the context menu that appears, click on the “Unselect” line.

    Note the fact that when working with different tools, the context menu tends to change. Therefore, the item “Deselect” can be in different positions.

  • The final method is to visit the Selection section in the menu on the top toolbar. After you have gone to the section, just find the deselection point there and click on it.

    There are a few things to keep in mind that will help you when working with Photoshop. For example, when using the “Magic Wand” or “Lasso”, the selected area will not be removed by mouse click. In this case, a new selection will appear, which you certainly do not need. You also need to understand that you can remove the selection when you completely finish working with it (for example, when using the Straight Lasso tool ). In general, these were the main nuances that you need to know when working with “marching ants” in Photoshop.

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