How to disable Avast

PC users regularly encounter problems that antivirus programs throw up from time to time. Avast is a frequent participant in conflicts in the operating system. The security software often perceives other utilities as malicious. How to turn off Avast for a while? Learn about the ways to disable it further in the article

How to disable Avast on a PC temporarily 

While using a computer, many are faced with cases in which the Avast antivirus acts as a malicious program. It blocks and does not run, in its opinion, malicious utilities. When installing software or games, sometimes there are conflicts with Avast, which deletes some files, considering them to be viruses. Because of this, you have to look for them in the antivirus quarantine zone and restore or disable protection and reinstall. 

It is easy to deprive yourself of problems with antivirus: you just have to deactivate it until you complete the tasks that the program prevents from performing. 

How to turn off Avast for a while? There are several proven methods. A temporary shutdown will make your PC defenseless against malicious codes from the Web, but after the allotted time, the protective systems will turn on again. Please note that you only need to disable the antivirus if you are fully confident in the installation package. 

How to temporarily disable Avast? Let’s start with the simplest solution in a few mouse clicks. Follow the step by step description: 

1. Do you know what a system tray is? This is a small window with icons of programs that work offline, like antivirus programs. To open it, click on the upward-facing triangle found in the lower right corner next to the clock, network status, volume level, and keyboard layout. 

2. Find the orange Avast icon in the small window. 

3. How do I disable Avast? First, move your mouse over the orange icon and right-click. We need the item “Screen Management”, which will appear in the list of the context menu. You can just hover the mouse over it to bring up another selection list. 

4. The system will offer four items: 10 minutes, 1 hour, until restart, forever. Temporary shutdown is guaranteed by the first 3 options. The “Disable forever” item deactivates the antivirus completely. In the future, you will have to manually turn it on. Choose what suits you best. Antivirus will ask you to confirm your actions in advance, so select “Yes”. 

How to disable Avast using the OS The OS 

provides a special utility in which you can assess the state of each program running in the background or in normal mode. How do I disable antivirus using Windows? You need to get into the “System Configuration” to disable the “Avast”. Each Windows differs in different paths to the utility, so use the system search engine: 

  • in the 10th version, the search bar is located in the lower panel, which is accompanied by a magnifying glass icon; 
  • in the “seven” you will find the search line through the “Start” button. 

How to disable Avast antivirus? In the utility, you will find several tabs, among which you will see “Services” (it is the third in a row). A huge list of programs will open. In this list, find antivirus and disable it: just uncheck the box and apply the changes. It is important then not to forget to activate the system “defender” back. 

How to disable “Avast” for a while in the program window 

Antivirus software developers have foreseen the need to temporarily or completely disable protective functions. How to disable Avast antivirus? Click on the system “defender” icon to open its interface. You will find the icon in the system tray or on the desktop (if it appeared there after installation). Then follow the instructions: 

  • How to temporarily disable Avast? First of all, go to the required place of the antivirus. On the left side of the interface, find the lock that says “Protection”. Go to the second item. 
  • You will get into a new window, where you will find “File Protection” – an image of a folder (this is the Avast function that blocks some components of programs and games).
  • How to turn off Avast? Click the switch under the folder icon. The familiar four-point selection will appear. Choose the one that suits you. 

Now you know how to disable Avast antivirus if necessary. Always do this with caution as it compromises the security of your PC. Don’t forget to activate Avast then. Hope the above article is helpful. Get more tutorials like this please visit us on our official web page.

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