How to Do Subscripts in Google Docs

We will know how to subscript in Google Docs in two different ways Google Docs Tools and the Key Combinations.


  1. Write the element that will be the base and the element that will be the subscript together then select the element that will be the subscript.
  2. Go to the Format.
  3. Select Text and click Subscript.

Select the element that will be the subscript Then press the CTRL with key

To remove the subscript, you just have to select the subscript element and press the CTRL with + key.

Extended Information

Find and paste in one click

Thanks to Research, you don’t have to leave the document you’re working in to google information. After all, opening a new tab in the browser also takes time. This built-in tool allows you to find and insert information into your document or table. Open Tools → Research (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I).

You can use the word cloud through the same menu. It will be displayed in a small window on the right. If the document is not finished, you continue editing, then from time to time click the Refresh Cloud button to refresh the tag cloud.

Tag Cloud Generator

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