How to enable insert option in excel

You are born. You insert a column. Brings the same format as the column next to it. You waste the rest of your life changing the format so that it comes blank.

In the most recent versions of Excel (2007 onwards), the program decides that every time you insert a column / row / cell you will want by default to have the format of the left / top / previous cell.

Many times this is true, but sometimes we want the new cell to be inserted blank.

How to use the Insert Options

For that we use “the brush”

It’s a button that only appears right after inserting a column / row / cell. You just have to click on it and select “delete format”

Respect Format When Dragging (Auto Fill Options)

It also happens a lot that we drag data in Excel and it does not bring the format of the original cell that we dragged.

Although many times this is beneficial, it also happens to us that it brings borders or other formats that we do not want.

For that we just have to press the AutoFill Options button and select “Fill without Format”.

Only Copy Cells on Drag

It also happens that when dragging numerical data, Excel decides that the numbers will increase serially (1,2,3,4,5) instead of copying the original data.

Again, this can sometimes bother us since what we wanted was the original value.

For that again we only select the Autofill Options button when finishing the autofill. We select “Copy cells” and voila, we have cells filled with the original value.

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