How to freeze multiple columns in excel

Excel spreadsheets often work with a large amount of data, and when working with such volumes, when scrolling, it can be difficult to remember which column / row contains which data, so it is convenient to use the Freeze Areas tool so that the table header always remains on the screen and the table itself scrolls.

How to freeze the first row in Excel?

If we need to freeze only the first line, then in the pop-up window from the offered commands, select the Freeze Top Line.

How to freeze the first column?

If we need to freeze only the first column, then in the pop-up window, then select Freeze first column.

How to freeze an arbitrary number of rows and columns in Excel?

If we need to freeze the top row (or several top rows) and the first column (or several columns), then we need to select the cell located under the rows and to the right of the columns that you want to freeze. Anything on the top and left will be fixed as you scroll, and the rest of the rows and columns will shift.

How to unpin rows and columns?

If you need to remove the docked area, you must select the View – Unlock Areas command.

Quite a handy function when working with large tables, isn’t it?

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