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Invitations, the OnePlus

Invitations to purchase the OnePlus One: what they are and how to get them

The OnePlus One can only be purchased with an invitation. At least while demand exceeds production possibilities. These invitations have always been in the air, being highlighted by the company that they would begin to be distributed among those most related to the brand. That is, between the users of its forum and those who have participated in the various contests and raffles that have been carried out on this site. Thus, we had a countdown in which certain comment numbers were awarded within a forum thread. Or the most recent Smash the past, through which those who were willing to break their current phone in favor of the OnePlus One were rewarded.It seems that the latter, the 100 of whom we spoke at the beginning, have already begun to receive their invitations. Although it is not known for sure due to some confidentiality clause.

New invitations. How do you get it?

Invitations to purchase the OnePlus One: what they are and how to get them

Well, it is very difficult to say. But, currently, the only thing that gives some security is subscribing to the OnePlus forum and actively participating in it. There will be an outstanding number of recognized members who will get your invitation, in addition to others who have signed up more recently. From OnePlus they assure that they will have more active contests during this month of May, which will lead to the acquisition of the coveted invitations to buy the OnePlus One. In turn, they can be distributed among the forum users themselves, each having their own invitation exchange page in the company’s account profile.

Regarding the distribution of invitations for the former users of the forum, the company’s own team will be in charge of repeating them according to its own criteria and depending on the availability of the mobile. This last point does not quite convince the most experienced, who see how their contributions to the community could not be rewarded.

OnePlus One models and invitation expiration

There are two phone models separated by the color of the case and by their internal storage size: 16 GB at 269 euros and 64 GB at 299 euros. At first it was indicated that the 16 GB model would begin to be distributed, but that has changed. The first invitations will begin to arrive at the end of May for the OnePlus One 64GB, and can be purchased in the store from that date. It has always been said that they will be distributed in packs of three with each mobile purchase, but that seems to have changed as well. And as for expiration… The invitations received will be able to be exchanged during the 24 hours following their reception., returning to the sender in the case of not being effective. If we talk about time to send them… Each user will have one to two weeks to do so, being able to send them to anyone, whether or not they are in the forum.

As you can see, there are no more than unknowns that the OnePlus One brings under the arm, keeping the distribution controlled and so minimal that Chinese manufacturers of premium terminals often use. On the contrary, the store is already active, having its Spanish part with everything necessary to proceed with the purchase of the phone. Although of course, without an invitation there is no telephone. Something that, as you have read, is almost impossible.

Let’s not forget that all these restrictions will be maintained only until the stock stabilizes, so it will not take too long to buy the OnePlus One directly and without any type of obstacle. If you want to be updated with the latest information, we recommend that you follow this thread on the official forum with everything related to invitations.

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