How To Hide Apps in Redmi Note 4

The modern smartphone user has access to a lot of services, the use of which is not always relevant. To prevent icons from clogging up the desktop, downloads are removed or hidden.

Removing the program icon on Xiaomi is quite an easy process, but it has a different sequence of actions when it comes to a gadget on the Android platform or improved MIUI.

How to hide apps on Android Xiaomi

First, it is important to consider that hidden services cannot be used. We perform a number of manipulations:

1. Go to “Settings”, select “All applications”.

2. Click on the “…” icon located in the upper right corner.

3. Select the item “Hide system applications”.

In order to make the utilities visible again, you need to perform this sequence of actions again by selecting the “Show system applications” sub-item.

How to hide an application in MIUI from strangers

In phones with MIUI firmware, the user can see and view encrypted services after passing the authorization procedure. The option implies another meaning – to hide private correspondence or other personal data stored, for example, in instant messengers, from prying eyes.

To protect the services, we perform the following actions:

1. Launch Mi-Explorer and go to the desired file.

2. When you drag the file down, you will see a circle appear at the top of the screen. Once it is fully drawn, the file you selected is hidden.

The system will prompt you to select an unlocking method. Choose the most convenient one (graphic password , PIN code). If the phone is synchronized with the cloud storage, you will need to enter the password to access the cloud.

The program is now encrypted and is located in a special folder in the mobile phone memory.

How to open hidden files on Xiaomi?

After the protection of the service has become irrelevant, you can make it visible back. This is done with a few clicks:

1. We go to the Mi-conductor.

2. Swipe down from the top of the screen to demonstrate the unlock menu.

3. We pass authorization.

The hidden application will become available, and if you do not swipe down, it will remain open.

This algorithm is quite versatile. This way you can hide not only the application, but also various folders and photos.

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