How to hide apps in samsung J7

Surely you have wanted to hide an application on your mobile on more than one occasion. If you do not want that application to be displayed on the desktop or in the application drawer to keep onlookers away from it, we will show you how to do it.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 is a very popular smartphone and we are going to show you how to do this without having to root the terminal. We show you three different applications that allow you to hide applications and even block notifications. Let’s see how.

Many of these applications require root access which takes extra time and advanced knowledge to root the Galaxy J7 2017We offer you some applications to block / hide installed apps that will work without the need for it.

The first one is App Hider  and with it we can hide applications and protect access to this application with PIN. In addition, the icon in the App Hider application list is the calculator, so the normal appearance will also be maintained.

With App Hider you can hide an installed application with the data and installed account or duplicate that application and have one of the hidden profiles.

Smart App Locker is another option and with it we have the option to block access to the applications we choose. The lock is done with a PIN and if your smartphone has a fingerprint reader, you can also unlock access with it.

And finally,  we leave you InvisiBlock an application that serves as an invisible layer of security that protects your privacy that keeps your personal data safe.

With it you can block and hide the applications you want on your mobile and protect them with a secret gesture. You can leave your mobile without fear of anyone accessing your data or applications.
As we can see, there are different options that do not need root to be able to perform this task of hiding applications on your Galaxy J7 2017 or any other Android with a current version of software.
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