How to increase internal storage

How to increase Android internal storage 

The problem with the amount of internal memory in the Android operating system is one of the most important flaws that they are trying to fix. With each new iteration of the platform, the system takes up less and less space, and applications run more stable, which affects the amount of space they take up. In this essay, the question of how to increase the internal memory on Android will be examined in detail

Important nuances 

Before performing any manipulations with the operating shell, it is important to know that there are devices in which the memory cannot be increased in any way due to the fact that the developers of such an option did not foresee. Once only gadgets from Apple stood out like that, but today many companies that produce devices on Android have also introduced a similar innovation. Before expanding the internal memory of Android, it is important to remember that there are memory cards of various classes. The higher this parameter, the faster the module will function. For example, it will be impossible to record video in Full HD format on a class 4 card, the gadget will be unstable and constantly reboot. Therefore, it is worth paying close attention to this characteristic.

How to extend a module 

Now let’s look at several ways to increase the size of the module: 

Using internal tools 

1. The first is to use the platform’s internal tools. To do this, go to the settings, the “Applications” item. Then select one or more of them, put a checkmark in front of it and press the “Delete” button at the very top.  After that, utilities or files will be permanently removed from the system. 

2. The second is to use a conductor. This utility is installed by default in every gadget starting with the 4th version of the shell. It is very easy to delete any file – just go to one of the available folders, select the file and press the “Delete” button. 

3. The third is to get root access and use explorer-like programs. Many more files can be deleted thanks to superuser rights. One of the best such utilities is ES File Explorer. It can be found here . 

4. The fourth way to increase the system memory on Android is to use a bundle of a map and a special FolderMount program. Using the utility, you can transfer even those applications to the card that previously did not allow you to do this. In this case, the platform will function normally. As in the previous two methods, the method requires Root access. 

5. Fifth – increasing the internal memory of Android by using a memory card. The easiest method. To do this, it is enough to buy a new module of the appropriate capacity, install it in the gadget and transfer some programs to it. This can be done using the Applications menu. After activating this menu, you need to click on any of the programs, in the menu that opens, click “Transfer to memory card”.


As it becomes clear from the article, increasing the amount of memory on Android is quite simple. It is worth mentioning one more point: when buying a flash card, you have to be very careful not to buy a fake – Chinese copies have a bad effect on the stability of the system.

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