How to insert line numbers in word

When writing a paper submission, I believe that many people have encountered the editor’s request to add a number to the front of the article. Several methods are described below.


1. The first and most undesirable method is to manually add line numbers.This method requires manually adding spaces and line numbers, and the line numbers are not arranged neatly. It’s okay if the content of the paper is not too much. If the paper contains tens of thousands of words, then this method is absolutely undesirable.

2. If you just add line numbers in accordance with paragraphs, you can do so by inserting numbers.Click “Start”, “Number” in turn, select the number type to add and confirm. But from the effect point of view, this method can only identify the paragraph layout on the one hand, and on the other hand, the original paragraph mark disappears after adding the number.

3. By adding line numbers in the page layout is the most appropriate method. Click “Layout”, “Line Number”, “Continuous” in turn.

4. If you need to insert the row number separately for each page, click “Layout”, “Row Number”,”Renumber each page” in turn. You can see that both pages are numbered starting from 1.

5. If you only want to add a line number to a certain page. First, use a section break between the first page and the second page to divide it into two parts. At this time, if you place the mouse on the first page and click insert “Renumber each section”, you can see that only the first page has a line number; if you place the mouse on the second page, click Insert” to renumber each section “You can see that there are line numbers starting on the second page.

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