How to Insert Superscript in Google Docs

Superscripts are exponents or powers of numbers or alphabets. Example: 12. This is the meaning of technical terms of Superscripts.

How to Apply in one way 
  1. Write the base element and the superscript element together;

  2. Select the element that will be the superscript;

  3. Go to the Format tab;

  4. Select Text and click Superscript.

  1. Select the element that will be the superscript.

  2. Then press the CTRL with + key

To remove the superscript, just select the superscript element and press the CTRL with key.

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How To Apply Text Colors in Google Docs

Another way to change the format of text is by changing its color.

The way to use it is like that of the formats already explained: if we change it before writing, the new text will take on the color. If we change it with a selected text, it will be only that text that takes the color.

We can apply color in two ways:

  • Apply color to text:
  • Apply the color to the background

In both cases we use the same button on the toolbar Pressing it displays a small window with the color palette and two buttons to select which type to apply: Text or Highlight, which is the background color.

In both cases we can choose one of the 256 web colors by clicking on the color palette.

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