How to install custom rom using TWRP

One of the benefits and advantages over the competition that Android has, is the enormous level of customization it has. Because when you have an Android device in your possession, you can basically do whatever you want.

Between rooting it, installing custom ROMs, uninstalling applications that come from the factory, using exclusive apps for root users, among many other things, it is more than evident that this enormous freedom is a very strong point to take into account.

Obviously, this guide is based on the fact that you already have TWRP Recovery installed on your mobile device. But in the event that it is not like that, you can find tutorials to install TWRP Recovery with Odin and even if you have another device, you have another tutorial here, which are very easy to do.

How to install ROM using TWRP Recovery

Obviously before continuing, it goes without saying that you have to make a backup. When you install a new ROM, everything you have on your mobile is lost, so you should make a backup copy.

In turn, having the battery 80% charged is essential to avoid any kind of problem.

Once everything is in order, what you will have to do is turn off the device and start it in Recovery mode.

Once inside Recovery, the first thing you are going to do is select the option that says “Wipe” to do a factory reset. Then, simply go back to the main part of Recovery and now you will have to go to the install option to find the compressed file of the ROM that you probably downloaded before starting this tutorial.

After this what you are going to do is “Slide to confirm” or “Swipe to confirm flash” and wait for the new ROM to flash , this may take a while so you should be patient, do not be alarmed that it may be several minutes.

After this you will simply see the option that says “Wipe cache again it will tell you “Swipe to confirm flash” which would be the same as swipe to confirm.

Once everything is ready you will have to restart the device and remember that the first time you start it may take longer than normal.

Some ROMs come with the Gapps, but if not, you should install them separately, after installing the ROM obviously, using the same procedure that I mentioned before. But instead of restarting once the ROM is flashed , you go back and install the Gapps, once finished, there if you would restart.

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