How to install software in mobile

We have talked about the settings of wallpapers and ringtones, but if only wallpapers and ringtones are available, the powerful Android system is a little overkill. It is necessary to install more useful and interesting software and games on smartphones. Let’s give you all Explanation how to install software and games on the phone. Generally speaking, there are two ways to install software games-one is to install the software on the phone through a computer, and the other is to install it directly on the phone. Here we start with the installation on the mobile phone. First open the browser in the mobile phone and enter the address in the address bar. After entering, you will see a lot of softwares, download your required software;

After downloading, we can see a download prompt icon in the notification bar. Pull down the notification bar to see the software just downloaded, click Install.

After clicking install, you will find the restriction prompt. That is because the Android system has it. If you want to install other software, you must remove the restrictions first, 

Now we will learn how to remove the restrictions on the installation of the software, click on the settings, and go to the application interface, check the [Unknown Source] item, a prompt pops up, and click OK

After removing the restriction, find the software we just downloaded and install it again, open the browser, click the menu button, and then select more, find [download], and then it can be seen the file you just downloaded. 

After finding the file just downloaded, click on the file to install it, and then follow the prompts. 

After knowing how to install softwares, you can install what we want in the future, but it should be paid attention to your own traffic when installing directly through your mobile phone. It is recommended to use WIFI. 

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