How to justify text in photoshop

There are often some text layers in photoshop, and there will be many layers. Sometimes it needs to be typeset and aligned. It is very tedious to adjust manually by the eyes and it is not easy to adjust. Of course, there is also an automatic alignment function in the photoshop software. To use it, let’s see the tutorial.

Method / Step

1. Open the software, and then create a new layer, the size is 1360X768, the resolution is 300, of course, you can also customize the size and resolution, as shown in the figure:

2. Next, select the text tool, click the horizontal text tool on the left toolbar, and adjust a font color that is not white to have a contrast with the background.

3. Next, make a few text layers, here are 5 text layers, and then move the irregular arrangement, so that you can see the effect after a while.

4. After making the layers, click to open the layer panel, hold down the shift key to select 5 layers, or install the ctrl key to select one by one. In short, select all the 5 text layers.

5. Then in the lower row of the menu bar, some basic ways of alignment will be displayed. The way is different, and the use should be decided according to the current situation.

6. Next, choose one of the alignment methods to experiment. First click on one of the left alignment icons. You can see that the 5 layers are automatically aligned to the left. Of course, the right alignment is the same. The current state is just left alignment. But the spacing between top and bottom is still different.

Next, align the top and bottom spacing as well, click the vertical center alignment on the right, and then the 5 layers will be evenly distributed, and the top and bottom spacing will be the same. This is the basic usage of alignment.

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