How to make a boomerang

The invention of boomerang is really amazing. Aboriginal Australians first used hardwood to make boomerangs. They used this curved flying marker to catch small animals and birds. After the boomerang is thrown, if it does not hit the target, it will change its direction and return to the original holder. This is a very strange and incredible thing. You want to try the power of the boomerang. ? Of course, you have to work hard to catch small animals.

Tools / Materials

Drawing paper (0.5-0.7mm), white book cover or thick paper shell

Method / Step

1. Prepare thick drawing paper (0.5-0.7mm). White book covers or thick paper covers are available in stationery stores. 

2. Put the thick drawing paper on the bottom, then put carbon paper on it, and put the top paper on top.  

3. Slide the ballpoint pen along the curve of the paper to trace the shape of the boomerang. Don’t forget to add dotted lines.

4. In order to distinguish front and back, please mark the front in advance. 

5. Use scissors to carefully cut out the boomerang pattern on the thick drawing paper. 

6. Place the boomerang pattern on the table and spread it flat.  

7. Align the ruler with the dotted line, and use a ballpoint pen to mark 2-3 times. This is done to facilitate folding.  

8. Fold each flying wing into a mountain shape. The folding angle is 10 to 30 degrees (if you fold it with your left hand, fold it into a valley shape). 

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