How to Make a Superscript in Google Docs


Using Home Tab

At first write the base and the superscript element then select the element that will be the superscript after that go to the Format tab and select Text then click Superscript.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts 

First select the element that will be the superscript then press the CTRL with + key.

To remove the superscript, just select the superscript element and press the CTRL with key.

Paragraph format. Alignment

When we talk about aligning a paragraph, we usually refer to its alignment with respect to the margins of the page, but we can also align the text with respect to the borders of the cells, if we are inside a table. 

From the toolbar we can access the four most frequent types of alignment:

This paragraph is set to left alignment. 
The text is aligned with the left margin. 
Ctrl + L
This paragraph is set to center alignment
Text is center aligned 
Ctrl + E
This paragraph is set right alignment.
The text is aligned to the right margin.
Ctrl + R
This paragraph has a justified alignment. The lines all try to be the same length.

To apply any of these alignments, we must place the insertion point in the paragraph to be aligned, and press the corresponding button.

We can also apply paragraph alignment through the corresponding options in the Format menu.

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