How to make dd

How to make demand draft? Normally demand draft can be made through any bank but many institutes accept demand draft of a particular bank. So read the instructions of the institution you are about to pay first.

To make a demand draft, one has to go to the bank and take a slip of the demand draft and fill in all the information sought in it, such as the name of the institution to which the payment is made (which will be given by you in the guidelines given by the institute), in what form you pay Want to do like check, cash etc. as well as your account number.

Apart from this, if you make a demand draft of more than 50000 rupees, then you have to provide your pen number, as well as the bank can ask for any of your ID such as Aadhar card, address proof etc.

After completion of all the process, the bank prepares a demand draft and gives it to you, which can be sent to that institution and that institution can go and redeem it.

But let us tell you that the bank charges extra for making demand draft and these fees vary from bank to bank. How much these additional charges will be depends on the amount of your demand draft.

Validity of demand draft – Let us tell you that the demand draft is valid for three months from the date on which the demand draft is made, after which it automatically gets canceled.

In the event of a demand draft being canceled, the person making the demand draft has to go to the bank and show the slip of the demand draft and get it valid again. But keep in mind that once it is legalized again, you cannot get it legalized again.

So now you know what is the importance of demand draft, how it is made and what should be kept in mind. Hope the above article is informative. To get more tutorials like this please visit us on our official web page.

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