How to make partition in windows 7

1. Right click on “My Computer” as shown below,

2. Second, click again”management”—>”storage”—–>”Disk management”, Get the following figure,

3. Then select the disk you want to partition, as shown in the figure below,

4. Click”Compressed volume”, Wait a while, as shown below,

5. Click on “Shrink volume”, Wait a while, as shown below,

6. In the figure “Available compression space” you need to enter how much you want to compress, under normal circumstances you want you can compress as much as you divide, otherwise you will have to delete all of it. click”compression”, as shown below below,

7. “Right click” on the available space again, then click “New simple volume”,as the picture shows,

8. Click “New simple volume”, as the picture shows,

9. Click on “Next step”, get the picture below, where you will fill in”Simple volume size”, that determines the capacity of your partition.

10. Click on “Next step” and select the drive letter of your partition, drop down, 

11. Click on “Next step”, here you can modify and rename the newly created partition, in “Volume label” section, “Carry out the Quick format” tick.

12.  Click on Next to get the picture below.

13. Click on “carry out”, Get the picture below, we can see in the picture, got a “New Volume”Disk, and ready to use the space, let me explain you how to restore it.

Disk undo restore

1. Go to the “New volume disc” “Right-click on the disk”, as shown in the figure below, and select “Extended volume”, the available space will be added to the new volume. Of course you can also put this available space expanded to other disks, but some disks do not allow expansion, still you can try it, as I said before, Compress as much as you want, make sure do not compress too much.

2. Click “Extended volume”and keep clicking “Next step” You get the picture below, and finally click “carry out”Just do it, then the mouse right click on “New volume”, Click “Delete volume”, you will get”Available space’, Then just right-click a disk and click “Extended volume” (If you are asked to format halfway, just execute formatting), the disk is restored finally.

Finally get the following picture, the same as the original.

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