How to open new tab in chrome

Google Chrome is recognized as the most popular browser. It is fast, secure, and has a wide range of features. However, most users note it’s inconvenient tabbed browsing experience. This is primarily due to the fact that when navigating through the sites, each page opens in the active tab, thereby closing the open resource. This default setting of the Google Chrome browser is preserved both when working with the address bar and when navigating through the query results. What if you can reconfigure the opening of sites so that each one loads in a new tab? 

Is it possible to open links in Google Chrome in a new tab 

In Google Chrome, when you open sites, they are loaded in the same tab, and if you do not find the information you need on this resource, you have to constantly click on the back arrow to return to the search results. This is very inconvenient, time-consuming and quite easy to lose an important page. Despite the fact that other browsers open sites in new windows, Google Chrome is not configured for this functionality by default. Some users even ditch the Google browser in favor of a different browser. However, this problem can be eliminated by a simple setup, after which, by clicking on the sites, you will conveniently open them in a new tab. 

Setting up 

Let’s move on to the main thing. How to make it so that each new site is loaded in a separate tab? There are two ways to configure this option on an ongoing basis in Google Chrome: on the search page and on the site itself. In the search engine Let’s start with a simple and straightforward way that allows you to reconfigure the browser and open the loaded pages in a new tab. What you need to do: 

1. You open Google Chrome.

2. If you start it from the Google start page, then stay on it, and if from previously closed tabs or another start page, then click the plus sign and go to a new tab where the Google search engine with a line for the query will be displayed. 

3. At the bottom in the right corner there is a button “Settings”, click on it. 

4. A page with settings opens, where you need to make the following changes: the item “Sounding the results”, select “Text only”, and below “Open results” – “In a new window”. 

5. Go down, indicate your region or current location and apply the settings by clicking on the “Save” button. 

You cannot find such an item in the standard settings of Google Chrome itself, since they are not there. 

If in this window with the settings you already have a checkmark in the “Open results” item, then uncheck it, restart the browser and put it again so that Chrome will restart the settings. Usually after that, everything returns to normal. In addition, if, due to the previously made individual settings, you removed the Google start page, then you can go to it using the following link: 

On other sites 

If the previous method did not work, then there is another option, where a new tab opens when the site starts. The setting is made after receiving the results of the search query and displaying the sites. How it looks in practice: 

1. Open your browser. 

2. In the Google search bar, write the desired query and press Enter. 

3. Go to the page displaying the results. 

4. Under the search bar there are sections that allow you to reconfigure the search: video, photos, news, maps, and among this list of categories you need to find “Settings”, in the drop-down list “Search settings”. 

5. A page opens, where again you need to put a tick in the “Open results” – “In a new window” item. 

Separately, I would like to say about the hidden technique of using hot combinations , which not every user knows about. So that after displaying the search results, each new site opens in a separate tab, you need to hold down the Ctrl button on the keyboard and left-click on the desired site. It will load immediately into a new tab. This method always works, even if the previous changes in the settings did not help. 

How to open tabs in a new window 

The browser functionality also allows you to open each individual tab in a new window. To implement this method, you can use one of the following instructions: 

1. In the displayed search results, right-click on the desired site and select “In a new window” in the list of options. 

2. Hold the open site with the mouse and drag it by the edges of the browser, and it will automatically load in a new window. 

You can open an unlimited number of new windows with sites and create a comfortable work for yourself in the Google Chrome browser. 

But if you are interested in the issue of launching pages in separate tabs and windows on the phone, in the mobile version, then there are no restrictions for users. It is enough only in the browser settings at the very end to select the item – “Full version”, as a result of which you will have access to the same functions and menu interface as on a computer. Change “Settings” under the search bar and surf the sites freely.

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