How to Remove Footnote in Word

To remove a footnote, you do not need to call special commands in Word. To delete a footnote, simply place the cursor after the footnote number, press the ” Backspace ” key on the keyboard, which will highlight the number, then press the ” Delete ” key , i.e. just remove that character. As a result, the footnote associated with this figure will be automatically deleted.

Footnotes in a MS Word text document are useful in many cases. This allows you to leave notes, comments, all sorts of explanations and additions without cluttering the body of the text. We have already talked about how to add and change footnotes, so this article will talk about how to remove footnotes in Word 2007 – 2016, as well as in earlier versions of this wonderful program.

There are exactly the same number of situations in which it is necessary to get rid of footnotes in the document, as there are opposite to them, when these very footnotes need to be added. Quite often it happens that while working with someone else’s document or a Word text file downloaded from the Internet, footnotes are an unnecessary element, unnecessary or just distracting – this is not so important, the main thing is that they need to be removed.

A footnote is also text, as simple as the rest of the document. It is not surprising that the first solution that comes to mind for deleting them is to simply select the excess and press the “Delete” button However, in this way you can only delete the contents of the footnote in the Word, but not the footnote itself. The footnote mark itself, as well as the line under which it was located, will remain. How to do it right?

1. Find the place of the footnote mark in the text (number or other symbol that denotes it).

2. Place the cursor in front of this sign by clicking there with the left mouse button, and click on the “Delete” button .

This can be done in a slightly different way:

1. Select the reference mark with the mouse.

2. Click the “Delete” button once .

Important: The method described above is equally applicable to both footnotes and endnotes in text.

That’s all, now you know how to remove a footnote in Word 2010 – 2016, as well as in previous versions of the program. We wish you productive work and only positive results.

In many books, there is a tool such as a footnote. Perhaps the most famous book is the Bible. Sometimes it seems to me that it contains more footnotes than the text of Holy Scripture. A footnote is a versatile tool that provides various explanations, but outside the scope of the main material. This approach allows people of different skill levels to read the same text. It relieves the author of the text from capacious explanations in the material, and the explanations themselves are taken out of the main text. Surprisingly, the Word has the ability to implement automatic footnotes. By the way, the role of a footnote in Word can be compared to a role.

  • We become at the end of the word for which you need to make a footnote;
  • Go to the “References” tab and select “Insert footnote” in the “Footnotes” group;
  • A footnote number will appear at the bottom of the page where you can write an explanation.

In addition to the above method, there is another way to make a footnote in a Word document. Just to create a footnote, you use the hot key combination Alt + Ctrl + F. It should be noted that Word has a variety of keyboard shortcuts that are useful to use. The most common ones are described in the article “”.

In addition to the described type of footnotes, there is one more, it is called “Endnote”. It is done the same way, but instead of the “Insert Footnote” button on the toolbar, click “Insert Endnote”. The fundamental difference is that this kind of footnote is not placed at the end of the page, but at the end of the document.

Remove footnote from document

It is very easy to delete a footnote, for this you need to stand behind the footnote number in the main text and use the BackSpace button to delete the number. The footnote text itself will be removed automatically.

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