How to remove formatting in Word

MS Word and flying formatting

In general, the formatting styles in MS Word are one of the coolest things. Turning a document into a full-fledged print-ready layout in a couple of clicks is expensive. However, if you constantly work with this text editor, then you know that sometimes (especially when you need to edit a complex word-document typed on another computer), working with styles and formatting turns into a real hell.

Styles behave capriciously – you change the size of the heading, and the size of the entire paragraph “jumps”, you accidentally press the Delete key, and the style of the entire chapter mysteriously changes to something completely unimaginable. In such cases, the most obvious solution seems to be to completely “zero” the formatting of the document, and reinstall all formatting.

Fortunately, this is easy to do.

How to clear formatting in an entire document

So, your document with the wrong markup is open. Select its contents (press CTRL + A on the keyboard), and pay attention to the “Home” tab. In the Styles group, take a closer look at the lower right corner and you will see a small icon in the form of an arrow facing right and down. Click on it to display the style settings panel.

The very first item on this panel is the item “Clear all”. Click on it and immediately the entire content of the document will appear before you in its “original” form – no formatting, no headings and alignment – just room for creativity.

Not difficult, right? And it can be even simpler – you don’t even need to open anything. Select the entire document, and then click on the “Remove All Formatting” button on the “Home” panel.

The effect will be exactly the same.

Why hasn’t the formatting been removed?

Yes, sometimes a situation can happen that even after clearing the formatting, part of the document remains unchanged. The point is that the above method applies only to the “main” text of the document. And text blocks, headers and footers, etc. added to the document. elements do not belong to the main text – they are completely independent objects. Therefore, you will also have to delete them (or rather, clear their styles) separately from the main content of the document. 

Yes, and, of course, it may also happen that when using the formatting cleaning tools, the document does not change at all and retains all the styles. Before you scold Microsoft and God, look carefully – perhaps the document is simply protected from changes!

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