How to Remove Formulas From Excel

Open the excel as shown in the picture sales formulas are added in the      amount column which are converted in numerical values.

, selected from the need to be well the cell where the formula is converted to a numeric value is shown in the sales amount column (column F) in the figure.

2. Right-click in the selected area and select “Copy” in the right-click menu bar or directly press Ctrl+C to copy.

3. After copying the cell, continue to right-click in the copy area and select Paste Special in the right click menu bar.

4, the pop-up “Paste” dialog, “Paste” Select “value” or “value and a digital format” below, both optionally substituted one, as the FIG.

5. After the selection is complete, click OK to return to the Excel worksheet interface and view the results, as shown in the figure below.

6. Press the Enter key or the “Esc” key to exit the editing state, and then click any cell in the Sales Amount column, we can see that the previous formula is gone, all marked with the value of the calculation result (as shown in the figure below), and it is complete.

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