How to remove table lines in word

1. Open one2113word document , as shown, there is a document in Fig form.

2. If you want to delete in addition to the entire line of table grid, first with mouse standard option needs in1653The entire row of the deleted table.

4. Select the direction of deleting cells, choose a method that does not affect other tables or text, and click OK, so that the selected row of cells will be deleted.

5. If you want to delete a column, you also need to select the column to be deleted first, and then right-click and select Delete column.
6. If you want to delete the entire table, you need to select the entire table file first, and then press shift+delete to delete.
Extended Tips
Occasionally, the method of deleting the table is incorrect, and there may be a line left after the deletion; this line cannot be deleted if the method used is also incorrect. As for how to delete, the article will discuss the specific method.

The demand is ever-changing, and sometimes it is necessary to remove the border line of the Word table, for example, remove the top or bottom border line of the table. How should this be done? Sometimes it is necessary to delete the horizontal line in a certain column. What method should be used? These two issues are also discussed in this article. Let’s start with the strikethrough of the Word form, and then discuss the issue of removing the upper and lower border lines and slashes of the form.

One, Word form strikethrough

If there is only one line left in the table, you can delete it as follows:

Select the line (a row) to be deleted and press the Backspace key to delete it, or right-click on it and select “Delete Table”. If it is not easy to select, you can also select it along with the line breaks on and off the line, delete them together, and then press Enter and the line break appears again.

 2. Remove the border lines of the Word table (upper and lower border lines)

Method one:

1. Select the table and click the small triangle to the right of the “border” icon, as shown in Figure 1:

2. Select “Bottom border” to remove the bottom border of the table; in the same way, select “Top border” to remove the top border of the table; remove the left and right borders in the same way.

Method Two:

1. Select “Frame and Shading” in Figure 1, and open the “Frame and Shading” window.

2. Select “Custom”, there are three icons under “Preview” in the middle, which are the top border, the horizontal line of the table and the bottom border. Click the icon with the top border to remove the top border of the table, the other is the same; or directly click ” Click on the lower border to remove the lower border in the line in the preview image, and the others are the same.

Note: Word 2003 selects “Format→Borders and Shading” in turn to open the window.

Three, Word delete the line in the table

method one:

1. Select the column to be deleted, and click the small triangle on the right side of the “border” icon.

2. Select “Internal Border” or “Internal Horizontal Border”, all horizontal lines will be removed except for the upper and lower borders in the selected middle column; to remove the vertical lines, select “Internal rigid border”; remove the diagonal lines, then select “Slanted lower wire frame” or diagonal upper wire frame”.

Method Two:

1. Select the column to delete the horizontal line, and click the small triangle on the right side of the “Border” icon → Border and Shading.

2. In the opened “Border and Shading” window, select “Customize” and click the middle icon under “Preview”, all horizontal lines in the selected column will be removed; also directly click the horizontal line in the preview image, Finally click “OK”.

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