How to remove watermark from image in photoshop

A watermark or a stamp – call it what you want – is a kind of author’s signature under his works. Some sites also sign their images this way. In this tutorial, we’ll talk about how to get rid of watermarks using Photoshop.

Remove watermarks in Photoshop

Often, such inscriptions prevent us from using pictures downloaded from the Internet. We are not talking about piracy now, it is immoral and, more importantly, illegal, we are talking about personal use, perhaps for making collages. It can be quite difficult to remove an inscription from a picture in Photoshop, but there is one universal method that works in most cases. We have such work with a signature:

Now let’s try to remove this signature. The method is very simple in itself, but sometimes, in order to achieve an acceptable result, it is necessary to perform additional actions.

So, we have opened the image, create a copy of the image layer by dragging it onto the icon shown in the screenshot.

Next, select the Rectangular Marquee Tool on the left panel.

Now it’s time to analyze the inscription. As you can see, the background under the inscription is not uniform, there is both a pure black color and various details of other colors. Let’s try to apply the technique in one pass. Select the inscription as close as possible to the borders of the text.

Then right-click inside the selection and select “Fill”.

In the window that opens, select from the drop-down list “Based on the content”.

Click “OK” . Remove selection ( CTRL + D ) and see the following:

There is damage to the image. If the background were without sharp color changes, even if not monotonous, but with a texture, artificially superimposed noise, then we would be able to get rid of the signature in one pass. But in this case, you have to sweat a little. We will delete the inscription in several passes. Select a small section of the inscription.

Fill with content in mind. We get something like this:

Use the arrows to move the selection to the right.

Fill in again.

Move the selection again and fill it again.

Next, we proceed in stages.

The main thing is not to capture a black background with the selection.

Now select the Brush tool.

Rigid round shape.

Hold down the ALT key and click on the black background next to the caption. Paint over the rest of the text with this color.

As you can see, there are remnants of the signature on the hood. We will paint over them with the Clone Stamp toolThe size is regulated by square brackets on the keyboard. It should be such that a piece of texture fits into the stamp area.

Hold ALT and click to take a texture sample from the image, and then drag it to the right place and click again. This way you can even restore the damaged texture.

“Why didn’t we do it right away?” – you ask. “For educational purposes” – we will answer.

We have sorted out, perhaps, the most difficult example of how to remove text from a picture in Photoshop. Once you master it, you can easily remove unnecessary elements such as logos, text, garbage, and more.

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