How to restore whatsapp chat from google drive

Recovering conversations from WhatsApp / Google drive can be very important for most two users, by that, or a message based on the fact that it is possible to backup two chats to respond to them in different circumstances. The resource available for Android cell phones and iPhone ( iOS ) is useful, mainly, when the cell phone breaks, when it will be replaced, in cases of roubos or in situations where you don’t want to turn off a message. The app does not make available a native resource for that, especially, some tips allow the user to access the dialogs for new access.

It does not guide below, we show all the stages to make backup of WhatsApp conversations not Google Drive will recover the missing ones, also a trick to leave the chats excluded – by deception or not. The procedure is valid for the application as Google system, but it presents differences in relation to Apple software.

1. Back up your conversations

Step 1. Enter the main menu of WhatsApp and access “Configuration”;

Step 2. Select the option “Conversation” on the next screen, tap on “Backup conversation”;

Step 3. No field “Do backup no Google Drive”, escort the backup period. Define also with Google where or backup will be saved, to network or upload the security copy (some Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and cellular) and you want to include videos or not. To finish, open the green button “Do backup“;

Step 4. Wait until the backup is completed. Final year, the date and time of the last backup will be updated at the top of the fabric.

2. Restore or backup

Step 1. Either backup WhatsApp serve to restore conversations, be either a cell phone user or uninstall the app. In case of any such situation, follow the steps to follow to recover your saved files. First install the application again, touch the button “Agree and continue” and press “Continue”;

Step 2. Or WhatsApp will display your boxes of messages with requests for or access to the gallery and the years of your contacts. Click on “Allow” for two options. Next, enter your phone as DDD and touch the “Advance” button. For restoration, you must use the same number as the backup file;

Step 3. Na box of messages, confirm if the cell phone number is correct and press “OK”. Or WhatsApp will insert the confirmation code sent by SMS automatically. If isso not happened, type or code and wait for confirmation;

Step 4. When the confirmed driver or number, or WhatsApp will identify that there is a backup available for restoration not Google Drive. Open the “Restore” button and wait for the message to retrieve the messages. Or process may delay, according to the connection of the backup size;

Step 5. When the security copy of two files is completed, a “Advance” button will appear. Touch it and place the profile dice, which can include name, photo and emojis. Then press “Next” button;

Step 6. Or WhatsApp will take a few seconds to load the restored messages. When the app is open, commit all the previous chats to permanence.

3. Get a conversation off if you want

Step 1. For users who turn off a conversation, but will regret and want to access new or content, do a simple trick. The only requirement to recover or chat has been delegated within 24 hours. In this example, we will exclude a chat window;

Step 2. To answer a specific conversation, uninstall and reinstall or WhatsApp. You will need to carry out all the installation and confirmation procedure of the number described above, not topical;

Step 3. In order to restore or backup Google Drive, note that the main web of conversations or chat has been turned off.

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