How to set default font in word

I hate the very word “by default”, I probably associate it with the words of the song “… and all the bosses are silent …”. But nothing can be done, you have to put up with this term, because in the computer world it is used very widely. What does this term mean? This refers to the options selected for you (although you yourself have not chosen anything yet). Word sets the font, character size, and character set by default, which will appear as soon as you start working on a new document. This is usually 12 point Times New Roman English, but it is possible to change these settings.

  1. Choose Format> Font.
  2. In the Font dialog box, select the font that you would like to see when you open a new document.

For example, suppose you want to use the 14 point double underline Arial Italic font to type your text.

  1. Select the appropriate options and click the Default button.

Word will clarify if you really want to change the default font.

  1. Click the Yes button if you agree to change the font, or the No button if you change your mind.

The new default font will take effect when you start working on a new document. Hope the above article is helpful. Get more tutorials like this please visit us on our official web page.

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