How to set password for pendrive

Take the U disk encryption as an example 2113(File folder plus encrypted for reference 5261):

1. Double- click the desktop surface “My Computer” icon, Show all the disks in your computer, ready to encrypt and lock the “personal U disk”.

Or Insert the u disk electrical brain usb interface, u disk drive and find the right click on the u disk, click kai hit with BitLocker.

<Note> If you can’t find this item by right-clicking, you can select the inserted USB flash drive in the control panel-BitLocker Drive Encryption.

2. Next, choose to unlock the drive with a password. The password length cannot be less than 8 digits, otherwise the operation cannot be continued.

3. After the password is set, click the “Save Recovery Key to File” button, and you can restore it if you forget the password then click on Next.

4. Select the path to save the key file.

5. After the key file is saved, the “Next” button can be clicked to continue the operation.

6. If you are prompted whether you are ready to encrypt the drive, click the “Encryption” button.

7. After the encryption is completed, the icon of the USB flash drive has changed, and a lock has been added to the icon.

8. Click the “Close” button after the interface displays “U disk encryption is complete”.

9. Reinsert the USB flash drive into the computer, and it displays “Type the password to unlock this drive”, which means the setting is successful.

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