How to stream pubg mobile on youtube from pc

Back in the days when mobile devices barely had the processing power to support phone calls and text messages at the same time, games seemed like a far-fetched idea. Even as devices evolved and bold gaming phones such as the Nokia N-Gage were released, mobile games never reached the point where they could replace or even compete with console and PC games.

Fast forward a few years and we are witnessing a new generation of mobile games where graphics and hardware limitations have come to the very edge. Much of gaming these days is social, and YouTube Gaming is a cornerstone for gamers to showcase their skills and connect with fans around the world. Now that the mobile games industry has finally conquered the whole world, you can stream mobile games from your android device to YouTube and collect followers on the Internet.

YouTube Gaming is a service that has been designed to compete with Twitch (owned by Amazon). The YouTube Gaming mobile app not only allows you to stream your favorite gamers, but also stream your own mobile games directly to the world’s largest video sharing platform.

1. Download the YouTube Gaming App.

2. Open the YouTube Gaming App and click Get Started.

You will be signed in automatically with your saved Google account, but you can change the account you use for YouTube Gaming using the Sign in with another account option.

Click the first icon in the upper right corner to open Mobile Streams and click Next.

On the Settings screen, you can choose to Broadcast or Record the game video you want to start.

Based on your network connection, you can choose to stream and record in 720p HD or 480p SD, then click Next.

All in-game notifications and sounds played on the android device will be recorded using the Mobile Capture feature.

The next screen will ask you to select the app you want to stream or record using YouTube Gaming.

Once you’ve selected the game you want to stream or record, click “Start”.

The game will begin with a YouTube Gaming app overlay to help you record.

Press the Record button and you will see a tiny red dot next to the front camera image in the lower left corner.

To open the menu bar, click on the image circle in the lower left corner, from where you can select / stop the microphone, front camera, pause video, or even stop recording.

You can even tap the Settings icon to reduce the size of the front camera that appears on the screen.

When you finish recording, you are automatically redirected to the YouTube Gaming app. Here you can specify a title for the video, add a description, add a filter to the video, and even trim the length of the video itself.

Click the Submit button in the upper right corner and your recording will be uploaded to your own YouTube channel. 

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