How to take screenshot in asus laptop

ASUS Notebook if the 2113                                   computer wants cut-off screen, you can have there are many ways to borrow help some chat tools to intercept fig or Windows-based system in carrying screenshot function, the following describes a screenshot window system comes manner:

One. Screenshot tool

This feature has existed in the Windows 7 era, and you can make graffiti annotations on the captured pictures.

Two, keyboard shortcuts

  • Press Print Screen directly (usually abbreviated as Prt Scm on the keyboard), the image of the entire screen will be copied to the clipboard-this operation is probably very common.

  • If you need to generate a screenshot file directly like a mobile device, the shortcut key is: Windows + Print Screen key.

1) The default path for saving pictures is in the folder [This Computer > Pictures > Screenshots]:

2) If you want to modify the save path, right-click on the system’s [Picture] file icon→Properties→Location to modify the save path.

Three, Windows Ink

As a new feature in the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, the Screen sketch in Windows Ink also allows you to complete full-screen screenshots and note graffiti operations.

Four, OneNote 2016

If OneNote 2016 is already installed on your computer, it can also help you complete the screenshot operation.

The shortcut key for screen clipping in OneNote 2016 is Windows + Shift + S

Screenshots can be taken through the above methods in Asus.

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