How to transfer files from mobile to pendrive using otg cable

Smartphones perform the functions of a mobile computer, which means that no matter how much the manufacturers increase the amount of memory in them, the owners are striving to expand the capabilities of their devices by connecting USB drives.

How safe is such use for a smartphone? Will you have to repair your phone or replace the battery that has exhausted its resource?

A photo of a USB flash drive connected to the phone Powering the flash drive from a smartphone does drain the battery a lot , but not to the point of damaging it. The connection will also not damage the internal device of the smartphone if it is done professionally.

What you need to connect

The phone may or may not have a micro USB connector. Some models recognize non-rooted flash drives. If the smartphone supports the OTG function, then the USB device included in the device will be detected automatically.

To connect a USB flash drive to a smartphone, you will need:

Special cable or adapter type USB OTG. There is a micro USB connector on one side of the cable, and a regular USB input on the other;

Opening root rights to a smartphone;

Downloaded applications.

Root rights are giving the owner full access to control the smartphone. Manufacturing companies close some files to protect them from damage or destruction. If it is inept to use Root rights, then even repairing the phone is not always able to correct violations.

Where to get root rights

Full access to system files is available in phones in different ways, depending on the brand and model. You need to look at the instructions for your phone and then search the Internet for guidelines on how to get root access. There are universal programs for this, for example – Kingo Root. For some models, full access means flashing, that is, it will no longer be possible to repair the phone under warranty.

Connect the flash drive to the phone photo To view files from a flash drive, you need a file manager. It can be preinstalled on your smartphone or you should download it. For devices based on Android, you can choose the right one based on personal preferences, the principle of their work is similar:

ES File Explorer (ES Explorer);

Total Commander;

Solid Explorer;

File Manager by Rhythm Software

ASTRO File Manager;

OI File Manager.


Some smartphone models do not see the USB flash drive when installing free managers, and you have to use the paid Nexus Media Importer program.

Before connecting a USB flash drive to a smartphone, especially when using access to system files, consider how important this function is to you. Moreover, video in high definition from such a medium is not always synchronized.

In authorized centers “MT Service” is often brought into the repair phones with damaged system files. It is more advisable to seek advice on connecting a USB flash drive to one of these centers before interfering with the device, while the warranty is in effect, and not afterwards, for repair.

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