How to type rupee symbol from keyboard in windows 7

Are you going to do a report, excel sheet account, or something else and you need to include the Hindu Rupee symbol and you can’t find it anywhere? Then this article will show you some simple steps to solve your problem.


1. Download and install KB2496898 hotfix according to your operating system. You must use Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008 R2 to make this hotfix work. Remember to restart the computer after installing the hotfix.
2. Go to Start → Control Panel → Region and Language.
3. Click on the “Keyboard and Languages” tab
4. Click the “Change Keyboard …” button located in the keyboard section and other input languages

5. Click the “Add” button located under the Installed Services section.

6. Double click on “English (India)” in the input language window.

7. Double-click on “Keyboard” below English (India)

8. Click on the “Show more …” option under the English keyboard section (India). Then click on the “India” option under the English section (India).

9. Scroll till you find English (India) → Other and expand the other section then click “Spell check”. Click on the “Accept” button to add it as your input language.

10. Choose “English (India) -India” from the drop-down list in the default language section.

11. Click the “Accept” button in the Text Services and Input Language window, and then click the “Accept” button in the Region and Language window. You have finished configuring it.

12. Press the button OK Alt + 4 to get the ₹ symbol Remember “alt right”, not left alt key and number 4, not numeric keypad 4.

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