How to unhide applock

If you want to unhide Applock in the smartphones. Or some important file gallery, Photos, Folder, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, social media, Call history, contact number are all locked. Those you want to see. 

In such a situation, when you want to see some important file. This App Unlock Trick may work for you. To find out the things you want to find out without help of software.

Unhide App Lock is not so easy but let me tell you some important trick. With which you can easily unlock / unhide the app. 

No one can spoil anything by applying WhatsApp or facebook Lock. Or no one can access the selected app except me. Then you are wrong.

Anyone can break your locked lock. Can be unlocked. I am going to give information in details. Let us see how and how the Password / Pattern Lock Applock application is unlocked.

How to unlock / unhide Applock? 

How to unlock Application Lock Pattern / Password / pin Lock? To know about the trick, you can unlock it by following the simple steps given below. Or can be cracked. Like whatsapp is locked. Now let’s see how to break.

First of all, check which app is locked. Let’s say App Locker is locked.

Take the phone, and go to the phone’s setting.

Go to Apps (Or App Manager).

App list will open. Select App Lock there

Click on “Force Stop”.


Here you are done. All locks have been removed. Hope the above article is informative. To get more tutorials like this please visit us on our official web page.

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