How to uninstall utorrent

Sometimes you need to be able to not only install programs, but also uninstall them. In this regard, torrent clients are no exception. The reasons for uninstalling them can be different: incorrect installation, desire to switch to a more functional program, etc. Let’s look at how to remove a torrent using the example of the most popular client of this file-sharing network – uTorrent.

How to uninstall uTorrent

As with any other program, you can uninstall uTorrent using built-in Windows tools or using specialized utilities.

Method 1: third-party utilities

The built-in uTorrent uninstaller is not always able to completely remove the program along with all its data. Sometimes “traces” remain in the form of files and folders. In order to ensure complete removal of the application, it is recommended to use special third-party utilities. The Uninstall Tool is considered one of the best among them.

After starting the Uninstall Tool, a window opens with a list of programs installed on the computer. We are looking for uTorrent in it, select it and click on the “Uninstall” button.

The native uninstaller is launched, in which it is proposed to choose one of two options for performing the procedure: with a complete removal of the application settings or with their saving on the computer. The first is suitable for those cases when you want to change the torrent client or even want to refuse to download torrents. The second is suitable if you just need to reinstall the program to a newer version, while retaining all the previous settings. After you have decided on the uninstallation method, click on the “Delete” button. The procedure takes place almost instantly in the background, even the application uninstallation progress window does not appear.

After the uninstallation procedure, the Uninstall Tool utility window appears, in which it is proposed to scan the computer for the presence of residual uTorrent files. This needs to be done.

This process takes less than a minute.

and upon completion, you can see whether the program has been completely removed or whether there are residual files. If there are any, the Uninstall Tool will offer to remove them completely. Click on the “Delete” button.

Note: The ability to remove residual files and folders is only available in the paid version of the Uninstall Tool.

Method 2: Built-in Windows Tools

Now let’s look at the procedure for uninstalling uTorrent using the built-in Windows tools.

In order to uninstall uTorrent, like any other program, you must first of all make sure that it is not running in the background. For these purposes, launch the “Task Manager” by pressing the key combination “Ctrl + Shift + Esc”We arrange the processes in alphabetical order and look for the uTorrent process. If we don’t find it, we can go straight to the uninstall procedure. If the process is still detected, we terminate it.

Then you should go to the “Remove Programs” section of the “Control Panel” of the Windows operating system. After that, among the many other programs on the list, you need to find the uTorrent application. Select it and click on the “Delete” button.

The built-in uninstaller for uTorrent opens. Then the program is uninstalled in the same way as described in the previous method, except for cleaning residual files. You can make sure that the procedure has been completed successfully either by the absence of a uTorrent shortcut on the desktop, or by the absence of this program in the list of applications located in the “Uninstall Programs” section of the “Control Panel”.

As you can see, uninstalling the uTorrent program presents absolutely no difficulty. The process is much easier than uninstalling many other applications.

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